The Author - Don Ernsberger
Don Ernsberger has been a student of the American Civil War almost all his life. He has walked nearly all the battlefields of that war; read all the classic military histories; and given guided tours of many of the key battlegrounds. In the past 20 years he has done hundreds of individual soldier research projects at the National Archives in Washington DC and has traveled to state  archives in five states.
   Since 1997, he has been an author of five Civil War military histories and two computer battlemap CD-ROMS. He has also been an active member of the 69th Pennsylvania "Irish Volunteer" reenactment unit, serving as their historian and tour guide.
  Don's interest in the Civil War started early. As a student in fifth grade he had as his teacher Mrs. Patton, a descendant of the Colonel of the 7th Virginia at Gettysburg. He studied the Civil War from a "southern perspective". That year he wrote short book entitled "The South's Cause". With ancestors in both Northern and Southern armies his interests in military history grew and in 1963 his parents took him at the age of 15 to Gettysburg for the 100th Anniversary celebration. For the next 40 years he was a high school and college teacher, a Deputy Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill and a Civil War historian.
  In 1997 he produced a computer CD on the "Great Charge: at Gettysburg July 3, 1863 and by 2004 had published his first book - Paddy Owen's Regular's - a regimental history of the 69th Pa "Irish Volunteers"
Don Ernsberger - Author
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