More Battlefield Photos
"Walking the Field" provides the reader of ALSO FOR GLORY an even better understanding of the role played by topography on July 3, 1863
Elemeets of the 42nd Mississippi swung to the left of the 11th Mississippi but were met by canister fire
13 men from the regiment made it to the barn wall
A view today of the 11th Mississippi attack area taken from the right flank of the Union defense
Dale Gallon's painting of the 11th Mississippi attacking the Bryan Barn.
Many took cover in the road and those who charged forward were met by cannister and bullets
Waiting behind the stone wall were the 12th NJ and 111th NY
The ground covered by Davis's Brigade as they advanced on the Union defenses.
The men of Pettigrew's attack had to climb over  two sets of fence at the Emmitsburg Road
With cover from a swale Archer's (Fry's) regiments advanced rapidly forward
Some men took cover in the shallow protection of Stevens Run
Archer's Brigade from Tennessee & Alabama began from a wooded area. Stevens Run which runs across the advancing path of the Pettigrew and the Trimble regiments
Heavy artillery fire focused on the raised position here
Behind here the Union forces poured rifle and musket fire into the advaning rebels
The knoll which brought the 11th& 42nd Mississippi into clear view of Union cannonfire
The Union Wall defense line
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