Of the 6,200 soldiers who arrived in the town of Gettysburg in the 23 regiments of the Pettigrew - Trimble assault, nearly 1000 would die in the coming battle.
  Many would be buried in unclaimed and unmarked graves. Still others would be taken home after the war to be reburied in family plots or local cemeteries or at Hollywood cemetery in Richmond Virginia.
killed July 1, 1863 Fatal wound July 3, 1863
Colonel Henry Burgwyn was a 19 year old graduate of VMI and was known as the "Boy Colonel". He led his 26th NC into action July 1 and was killed in action. Private Elijah Joyner was a member of Company A of the 47th NC. He was 23 years old from Nash County. During the July 3 assault he was wounded in the side and would die of his wounds July 6.
Killed July 3, 1863
Killed July 1, 1863
Captain Edward Satterfield led Company H of the 55th NC into battle July 3 and was killed on the slopes of Cemetery Ridge.
Captain Thomas Goode Clark and his two sons were all killed at Gettysburg. On July 1 Captain Clark died leading Company F of the 42nd Mississippi in battle.
killed July 3, 1863
Fatally wounded July 3
Sergeant Eli Peel and his brother Lt. William Peel were in Company C of the 11th Mississippi. His brother would be captured on the third and die at Johnson's Island while Eli would be killed during the July 3 assault
2nd Lt. Iowa Royster was in Company G of the 37th NC. He would be mortally wounded in the July 3 assault.He would die of his wounds July 13th.
Fatally wounded July 3
Colonel James Marshall was born in Virginia in 1839 and was the grandson of Chief Justice John Marshall. He graduated from VMI, joined the 1st NC and then became Colonel of the 52nd NC. He led 1st Brigade 2nd Divison 3rd Corps in the July 3 assault where he was killed.
1st Lt. John Emerson was a 24 year old from Cartersville, NC in the 26th NC. As he charged forward with Company E "The Independent Guards" he was wounded and would be captured July 5. He would die in a New York hospital of his wounds.