The Battlefield
of Pettigrew & Trimble
"The only way to truly understand a battle is to walk the ground". This page is designed to provide the viewer with a sense of the topographyof the Pettigrew-Trimble Assault on July 3, 1863.
hand to hand fighting
hand to hand fighting
The "Stone Angle" - Where the 56th Virginia, 1st Tennessee and 13th Alabama converged. Defended by the 71st Pennsylvania Infantry companies K,G,H & C.
The Bryan Barn reached by 13 men from the 11th Mississippi. The focus of the left flank of the Pettigrew-Trimble Assault.
Many called this fence "The works". In 1863 it was grown over with bush and lined with large rocks
Men from Marshall and Fry's Brigades reached here and volleyed with Union forces.
Emmitsburg Road had fences on each side and in the distance yet another fence blocked the advance of the right and center of Pettigrew's line.
The final fence, still 245 feet from the Union Wall defenses.
Lightly defended by 4 companies of the 71st Pa and one undermanned artillery piece.
625 feet from the Emmitsburg Road to the Union Wall defenses
The Angle on the right flank of the Pettigrew - Trimble attack. From here the men of Fry's brigade had to charge forward 585 feet.
The Bryan barn seen from the final fence. Davis and the left flank regiments of Marshall had to cross this field.
From here the brigades of Pettigrew and Trimble advanced
The Marshall Brigade passed this smoltering ruin as they advanced
The starting point for the Pettigrew - Trimble Charge
The site of the Bliss Barn
The dimensions of the battlefield
More Battlefield Photos