Leaders of the Pettigrew - Trimble Charge
The men who lead the Pettigrew - Trimble Charge at Gettysburg were a mix of seasoned veteran commanders and officers who had been advanced in rank to replace others wounded in the July 1 fighting. There were men who had long battlefield experience as well as political appointees. Some had fought with the Army of Northern Virginia for the entire war, others had just joined Lee in the Virginia theater.
Replaced the wounded Major General Henry Heth July 2 as Division commander
Replaced the mortally wounded Major General W Dorsey Pender July 2
Major General Isaac Trimble was born in Virginia May 15, 1802 and graduated from West Point. Before the war he was a successful railroad engineer in the Baltimore area. At the start of the war he was involved in burning railroad bridges in Maryland. He joined the Confederacy and rose from Colonel to Major General fighting under "Stonewall" Jackson. He was wounded at 2nd Manassas and arrived in Gettysburg without command. He was given command of Lane's and Scale's brigades and was wounded in the leg in the July 3 assault. His leg was amputated and he was captured July 6th. He served most of the rest of the war in prison.
Brigadier General James Pettigrew was born July 4, 1828 and became a serious scholar and traveler. He spoke French, German, Italian and Spanish and could read both Hebrew and Arabic. When the war started Pettigrew became Colonel of the 22nd North Carolina and was then promoted to Brigade commander. He was wounded and captured at Seven Pines. He would be wounded in the hand July 3 and be killed at Falling Waters July 14th.
Replaced  the captured Brigadier General James Archer July 2.
Replaced Brigadier General James Pettigrew July 2
Colonel Burkett D Fry was a 42 year old former cotton manufacturer who led the 13th Alabama into Gettysburg. He led the 3rd Brigade 2nd Division 3rd Corps on July 3 and was wounded in the leg.
Colonel James Marshall was born in Virginia in 1839 and was the grandson of Chief Justice John Marshall. He graduated from VMI, joined the 1st NC and then became Colonel of the 52nd NC. He led 1st Brigade 2nd Divison 3rd Corps in the July 3 where he was killed.
Brigadier General Joseph R. Davis was born in Mississippi in 1825. He served as a Captain in the 10th MS but was transferred to the staff of his uncle President Jefferson Davis. Davis was appointed Brigadier General in the Richmond area until added to the Army of Northern Virginia. Commanded 4th Brigade 2nd Division 3rd Corps in the July 3 assault.
Brigadier General James H. Lane was born in Virginia in 1833 and both studied at and taught mathematics at VMI. He served as Major in the 1st NC and then Colonel of the 28th NC and was wounded twice in the Seven days Battles.  He was appointed Brigadier General in November 1862 and led the 2nd Brigade 3rd Division 3rd Corps in the July 3 assault.
Colonel William L.J. Lowrance was born in North carolina in 1836. He grdauated from Davidson College and served with the 34th NC becoming it's Colonel. Lowrence was wounded July replaced Brigied General Alfred Scales to lead the 4th Brigadse 3rd Divison 3rd Corps in the July 3 assault.