The Soldiers of the Pettigrew - Trimble Charge
They came from all walks of life. Most were farmers, some mechanics, teachers or merchants. They left Alabama and North Carolina and Mississippi and Tennessee to fight under Robert E Lee. These are a few of the more than 5,000 soldiers who served
under Pettigrew and Trimble on July 3, 1863 in the "Great Assault" at Gettysburg.
Wounded in the head July 1 with a loss of hearing and paralysis in right side of face. Captured.
Wounded and captured during the assault on July 3
Major Felix Buchanan was 26 years old planter and merchant from Fayetteville, Tennessee. Later in the war he would be wounded in the thigh at the Weldon Railroad battle.
Private Major Hezekiah Allen was a Coosa County Alabama farmer in Company H of the 13th Alabama. He had been wounded in the foot at Seven Pines.
Wounded in the left shoulder on July 1
Wounded in the hand and taken prisoner on July 3
Captain James Adams, in Company D of the 26th NC, was 23 and had been wounded in the hip at Malvern Hill. The Wake County soldier later became Lieutenant Colonel of the 26th North Carolina.
1st Lieutenant Julius Joyner had enlisted in March of 1862 into the 47th North Carolina Company F  "Sons of Liberty". He lived in Franklin County.
Captured July 3 during the assault
Wounded in the right hand during the fighting on July 1
Sergeant George Bynum served in Company A of the 2nd Mississippi. Before the war he had been a clerk in Tishomingo Mississippi and enlisted at age 19.
Private William Wooten joined Company I "The Mississippi Reds" 42nd MS regiment as a 30 year old.
Survived the Battle of Gettysburg without injury
Surivide the Battle of Gettysburg without injury
Private Lewis Cook, age 28, was a member of Company E "The Montgomery Grays" of the  28th NC. He had been wounded at Chancellorsville and later was wounded again during the Wilderness battle.
Sergeant James Powell was in the "Caswell Rifles" Company G of the 22nd North Carolina. He had been wounded in the hand in the fighting at Shepardstown in September 1862.